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JSegy is a multi-platform interactive SEGY data copy utility.
It can be used to copy data from tape to disk and/or back to tape again.


Batch capabilities allow the user to copy multiple files to or from tape with a simple interactive loading interface.

Once initiated data loading status is monitored to the users screen along with file size statistics.

When used to write to a fixed format media input file size is monitored and the user is made aware of any media capacity limitations prior to initiating the data copy.


Interactive editing capabilities allow the user to review and edit header definitions. This allows the user to update
EBCDIC header information before the data archive is created. EBCDIC header information can be exported to or imported from an external ascii file.

Line header values can be modified to create “standard”
SEGY format for other 3rd party software applications.


Data can be manipulated allowing for sample format conversion (IBM, IEEE, 16bit INT, 8bit INT), data windowing
or trace padding (zero samples).

Data analysis and statistics allow the user to scan and tape
or data file to determine data statistics and appropriate data sample scalars should output conversion be requested.


JSegy is a complete interactive data tool that will quickly become part of your seismic data toolbox.


For further information, email info@jamiesco.com.





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