Jamiesco Seismic Exploration
Jamiesco’s methodology involves using various techniques to identify and quantify the seismic reservoir. All interpretation workflows are evaluated from forward models whenever possible resulting in a realistic measure of expected success before any interpretation work proceeds. This “staged” approach offers our clients tangible, measured milestones to evaluate the success of all exploration and development methods before committing to any workflow.

The interpretation toolbox at Jamiesco Seismic Exploration includes tools and expertise to perform the following:

• Seismic Interpretation
• Seismic Processing QC
• Forward Seismic Modeling
• Rock Physics Integration/Wireline Data Evaluation
• Fluid Replacement Methods/Enhanced Recovery
Rock Property Prediction
• Converted Wave/Shear Wave Forward Models
• AVO – Prestack Seismic Interpretation
• Lambda Rho/Mu Rho Analysis
• Elastic/Acoustic Impedance Inversion
• Depth Conversion/Correction
• MultiVariant Analysis
• Neural Network Analysis
• Geostatistical Mapping

A collaboration of third party commercial geophysical software and proprietary tools and techniques allows Jamiesco to provide a superior geophysical solution to your exploration and development needs.


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